Monday, December 23, 2013

Jesus is Born - A Special Present to my Readers

Enjoy this original song. I can't take credit - the Holy Spirit sang it and I'm just the note-taker. Performed first by the children of New Life Fellowship in 2009.
Production is just a demo lovingly done - words, music and vocals, Linda; Music arrangement and production - Carlos Sanchez. (c) 2013

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Jesus is Born - Linda Drummond Johnson 2013

Jesus, we lift you higher
You are the true messiah (4X)
Jesus is born
God sent a Savior
Born in a manger, so low
Swaddled in cloth.
Hijo de Dios
Milagro profundo
Salvador del mundo.
Niño querido
Jesus is born   

Verse I.
From Adam and Eve and the first fall of man
The hearts within us keep on straying
Only messiah could save us again
Giving hope through a love so amazing
Verse II.
When Gabriel told Mary she would bear a child
She said, Do whatever, I’m willing
Jesus was born to her, so meek and mild
A promise of God now fulfilling

Verse III.
The angels told shepherds who stood in the field
Your king has been born in a stable
Follow the star to where He is revealed
And you’ll know that our God is so faithful
(Musical interlude)
Spanish part of Chorus
Tag –
Jesus, we lift you higher
You are the true messiah (3x)
“Jesus is Born!”

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  1. I remember this song <3 What a wonderful reminder... Yes Jesus you are LORD!


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